Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm not dead yet...

It's been a while- life's been crazy with work and classes both cycling up at the same time. That's the downside to working at a college while finishing my graduate degree. Both major aspects of my professional life get bust at the same time. Oh well- one more year.

We survived Hurricane Frances. Lost a few shingles and started leaking a little bit, but came through without any newsworthy damage. Now to find a roofer with an open slot on the schedule...

My review of the RNC is going to be the major part of this post. There was good, there was bad, there was... you know the drill by now.

The Good: Arnold, Cheney, even Bush (for the most part). Arnold's energy was incredible, and his delivery was perfect. Some of the lines were the normal convention cheese, but overall he was excellent. I'm not even talking about content in saying that- he was excellent in accomplishing what he was there to do. Fire up the crowd, deliver the party message. He did that better than any of the speakers I saw (I didn't see them all, admittedly) during the DNC.

Cheney was excellent as well. One of the best speakers I've heard during this run. I know people think Edwards is great, but he's a little too talking head for me. Cheney seemed more genuine than Edwards has yet. Maybe it's knowing JE is a lawyer, but he seems too put-on. Cheney was funny, confident, and seemed very strong during his speech. The Repubs needed that.

Bush told me more about his agenda in 10 minutes than Kerry did during his whole acceptance speech. He was certainly vague in some areas, but toe-to-toe he delivered more substance about his platform than Kerry did. Much more. It wasn't "we're going to stop jobs from going overseas" (how?) it was "we're going to test high school seniors for educational accountability" (a point I don't agree with, but which was specific). He did what he needed to- put forth his plans for the next four years.

The Bad: The Bush daughters. I don't blame them for being out of their league in that setting. The nervousness, giggling, etc. are forgivable. Their speech, on the other hand, was atrocious. It was stupid and wasn't funny at all. And before you start the "it was for the younger generation" apologetics, I am part of the younger generation (technically for one more year). It was stupid. The worst part was that it made them look stupid too, which I don't believe they are. It really sucked Arnold's energy out of the room, which was unfortunate.

The Ugly: My good buddy Zell. I loved his speech, and his interaction with Chris Matthews after the speech was an instant classic. It was ugly, but it was so much fun to watch. In this politically correct age where we bash people through media, behind their backs, and any other indirect way and then smile to their face and shake hands, it was refreshing in an odd way to see somebody take the direct approach. Good for Zell.

That's it for now- back later this week with more blogging goodness.


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