Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Veeps Weigh In

After watching the Vice Presidential debate, I wanted to give myself some time to digest it before I posted. Digestion is now complete, so here's my take on the debate.

Cheney: Once again, Cheney impressed me. He has such a strong presence and such a calm confidence about him- you feel comfortable listening to him. I like that he exposed so many of the fallacies of certain Democratic claims (his 90% math lesson was a classic) and didn't allow statements with obvious false elements to slip by unnoticed. He hung in there with a guy who has an obnoxious habit of repeating the same thing over and over as if we're his average jury. He also avoided being baited too much by the Halliburton and voting record attacks, and pressed on with his own approach. Overall, I gave him an A.

Edwards: Too much for me. His slick, avoid the question and hammer home the same old line approach was too much for me to take. Come on- he responded to an attack on Kerry's "global test" comment by repeating (twice, I believe) "He also said he would not give countries veto power over our national security." Ok, so he said both. We know that. Guess what- it's either another flip-flop or he's lying about one of them. By Edwards' own logic, if he said it, it must be true. So which one will he do? Global test or unilateral authority? I think his record can tell us which one.

I also disliked Edwards' illustrations. Not only because they were oversimplified and insulting, but also because you got the feeling you were being coerced. I don't need a nice story about something. Give me facts, numbers, statistics, and let me make up my mind. This isn't court where the more you make the jury cry, the more money they give you. This is a national election. And speaking of court, did anybody else catch the fact that his solution for our legal environment involved not capping awards, but putting in place an elaborate process for qualifying lawsuits? Who do you think will pay for this process and who do you think will benefit from it? We will pay for it, and lawyers will benefit. Who else can qualify the validity of a lawsuit? This would equal a huge expansion of the legal system, which is the opposite direction we need to go.

Overall, I gave Edwards a B-, and it would have been lower except for his aggressiveness and charisma.

So that's my analysis at this time. I'll be back after Friday to review the next presidential debate.


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