Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four More Years

Ok, I've been snowed under for a while due to work and classes. However, I HAVE to weigh in on the election. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly:

Good: Bush for four more years (my opinion, nobody has to agree), increased Republican control overall, and the passage of several "defense of marriage" referendums across the country. Finally conservatives are stepping up and voting on issues that concern them and even non-Republicans are weighing in on important issues, even if they deviate from the party line.

I also have to commend Kerry and his campaign for conceding today. There was the possibility of another debacle in Ohio this time around, and he took the high road. He could have allowed his lawyers to make a mockery out of our democratic process, but he did not. Regardless of my thoughts on his campaign, judgments, or whatever else, I respect his decision to be a bigger man than others may have wanted him to be.

Bad: The deep, angry divide between the right and the left in this country. Enough from people yelling about the draft that isn't coming, enough about people threatening to move to Europe. If you're so hate-filled that you cannot put your country above your politics, PLEASE leave. I'm tired of it. Also, the passage of so many amendments here in Florida. It seems like every national election, 25 amendments are made to the state Constitution. PASS A LAW PEOPLE! Expect more from your state legislature. Stop bypassing the system and forcing issues into the hands of the voters that they aren't prepared to make judgments on. We now have 7 or 8 (one too close to call) more amendments to the state Constitution. Good grief.

Ugly: Dan Rather. Boy, he's having a hard day today. His obvious bias last night and his visible agony over Bush's apparent victory (at the time) were just outstanding. I only tuned in for a short while, but Danny Boy was clearly having a hard time of it. Please go home and stop wasting airtime.

Edwards' denial of the facts. I know it was late, and I know there were still votes to be counted. Even so, his vows to "fight on" and his ridiculous performance overall were just too much. There wasn't a need for him to concede anything at that point, but at least tone down the cheerleading just a touch. Maybe I'm just burned out on his ridiculous, over-the-top presentation style and his Frankenstein-like marriage of annoying lawyer tendencies and male cheerleading mannerisms. Who knows?

So that's the run-down. Four more years to try and straighten out Iraq, Iran, North Korea, the economy, and social issues. Considering the progress President Bush has made in the last four years, in spite of obstacles that no President in recent history has faced, I'm encouraged.