Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Quick Hits

Brief commentary on recent items:

No Filibuster: The Senate decided to stop acting like children and do their job (both sides of the aisle). We'll see how serious they are about that when Supreme Court seats open up.

American Idol: Finale tonight. Quote of the day from the NY Daily News site regarding the finalists: "She's a Nashville striver so ­plastic she makes Shania Twain seem like she was born in a holler. He's a should-be lounge singer who somehow mistook himself for a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd." That said, go Bo!

Star Wars Episode III: Saw it yesterday- good movie overall. However, the armchair philosophy is almost as painful as the lack of chemistry between Anakin and Padme. "Only the Sith think in absolutes." Isn't that an absolute statement? And if so, why are we to believe the Sith are evil? That's an "absolute" judgment that the Jedi Council made...

Hilton Overload: So now mother Hilton has a "reality" show trying to make the uncouth into socialites? If her daughters are any indication of the end result, I'll take my chances with the rednecks. I've never seen people so rich that have such a driving need to also be famous and/or relevant. Please stop supporting their complex.

Video Game Wars: Sony and Microsoft released solid info on their next-gen systems at E3. Will Sony be able to realize the specs they're touting? Will Microsoft capitalize on first-mover advantage and Christmas shoppers? Either way, the battle is heating up. My money's on Gates and company. This is what they do, folks. Get into the market, learn from their mistakes, buy innovation, and crush opponents. The only question is if it will take them one more go-round before they get it nailed.

That's it for now. Back soon with comic book commentary.